Joel Reynolds (Chairman), Western Director, Natural Resources Defense Council

Joel Reynolds joined the Natural Resources Defense Council as a Senior Attorney in 1990, after 10 years with the Center for Law in the Public Interest and the Western Center on Law and Poverty, both in Los Angeles.

Derek C. Abbott, Vice President, Community Development & Resource Planning, Tejon Ranch Company

Derek C. Abbott joined Tejon Ranch in December 2004 and has represented the Company’s interests in a number of development and conservation initiatives, including Tejon Mountain Village, the Tejon Ranch Commerce Center, Centennial, and the Tejon Ranch Conservation and Land Use Agreement. Derek serves on the Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and the California State University, Bakersfield, Industry and Education Roundtable.

Michael L. Campeau, Vice President of Ranch Operations, Tejon Ranch Company

Michael L. Campeau is Vice President of Ranch Operations for Tejon Ranch Company and is responsible for the day-to-day field operations, as well as overseeing its hunting, equestrian and filming operations. Campeau joined Tejon Ranch in 2008, but has been associated with Tejon Ranch for over 40 years through its various outdoor programs.

Russell Faucett, Retired

Prior to his retirement in 2014, Russell Faucett was the Managing Partner of Barrington Partners LP, a private investment company that specialized in trading the equity and debt securities of public companies in financial difficulty. Russ started Barrington in 1984.

Garry George, Renewable Energy Director, Audubon California

Garry George is a Resource Group representative on the 12-member Conservancy Board of Directors. He joined Audubon California as Chapter Network Director in 2008 after service as the first Executive Director of LA Audubon. His work expanded as Renewable Energy Director of state and federal policies in California and the West, where he focused on renewable energy siting and conservation policies.

Gary Hunt, Vice Chair, California Strategies

Gary Hunt, a consultant to the Tejon Ranch Company, is a founding partner of California Strategies, where he puts more than 30 years of experience toward business, government, public policy and major land use planning entitlement and development.

Nathan Keith, Director of Planning for Centennial, Tejon Ranch Company

Nathan Keith joined Tejon Ranch Company in February 2007 with the Tejon Ranch Conservation and Land Use Agreement as one of his first projects.  He helped establish the first public access program on Tejon Ranch lands before moving to the Centennial project in 2009.  Currently the Director of Planning for Centennial, Nathan also oversees the Pacific Crest Trail partnership for Tejon Ranch and sits on the local humane society board, Shelter on the Hill.

Sopac (Soapy) Mulholland (Secretary), Executive Director, Sequoia Riverlands Trust 

Soapy’s unique history and experience bring to the Tejon Ranch Conservancy valuable insights from many different points of view. She has been a real estate developer and rancher, and has served on numerous boards and councils up and down the state of California.

Dan Silver, Chief Executive Officer, Endangered Habitats League 

Dan Silver is Chief Executive Officer of the Endangered Habitats League (EHL). A physician by training, Silver left his internal medicine practice in 1991 to work full time on environmental issues. With EHL since its inception, he has seen the organization emerge as a regional leader in conservation and growth management.

Terrell Watt (Treasurer), Owner, Terrell Watt Planning Consultants

Terrell Watt has been the owner of Terrell Watt Planning Consultants since 1989, a firm specializing in planning and implementing projects that promote resource conservation and sustainable development patterns which are significant to the region. Terrell is an expert in general and specific planning, open space and agricultural land conservation, and environmental compliance.

Peter Weiner, Partner, Paul Hastings, LLP                         

Peter Weiner has been with the law firm of Paul Hastings for 20 years. He represents a variety of businesses, municipalities, and community groups, focusing on renewable energy and brownfields development, and has been active on nonprofit boards, such as the Coalition for Clean Air and the California State Parks Foundation

The Conservancy was created as an independent nonprofit organization by the Tejon Ranch Conservation and Land Use Agreement, signed on June 17, 2008, by the Tejon Ranch Company.


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