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Connecting people to Tejon Ranch is what Conservancy staff love to do! There are many ways that you can volunteer your time to connect the Tejon Ranch Conservancy to people near and far. Whether you are an expert citizen scientist or you want to serve as a webmaster, volunteer coordinator or fundraiser, the Tejon Ranch Conservancy wants you!  


We have many volunteer opportunities and it’s easy to get started. 


Volunteers help the Conservancy in a variety of ways from leading interpretive member and community hikes, to collecting important data for the Conservancy, working with school groups, assisting with stewardship activities, and helping with office and logistical support. 


The Conservancy volunteer program consists of three Volunteer positions:  

  • Docent/Naturalist, conducting tours, hikes and outings

  • Citizen Scientist, supplementing staff field work 

  • Stewardship and General Volunteer, assisting with periodic tasks in the field, office or events




The primary goals of the Volunteer Program are:

  • Ensure that volunteers have a fun, educational and safe experience on the Ranch.

  • Provide positive opportunities for volunteers to use their talents in a constructive way while meeting some of their own needs. 

  • Give volunteers a chance to provide interesting and skilled service to the community. 

  • Enable volunteers to gain knowledge, experience and recognition for future employment. 

  • Give all participants a sense of pride and purpose. 

  • Educate the public about what we do, how we do it and why it’s important. 

  • Support paid staff so they can be more fulfilled and effective in their work.


Getting started as a Conservancy Volunteer is simple. The first step is to register by completing the Volunteer Application Form. This information is essential, as it informs the staff about your interests and skills, and ensures your safety. If you have a medical condition, please indicate this on the form. Severe allergies, conditions like diabetes, or other health issues can be promptly and safely handled if you advise the Conservancy about what you may need in an emergency.


The second step is to review the Volunteer Handbook. Whether you are new to volunteering or have volunteered elsewhere for many years, please pay particular attention to the section on Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities.


When you have sent in the application, the Conservancy will provide orientation, plus training as needed. After training, you will be added to the Volunteer database. You will be able to check for volunteer opportunities, log your hours and check in with the staff.


In addition, you will be asked to provide other information (such as your emergency contact), complete a liability release and sign a Ranch access permit. All volunteers under the age of 18 must have a form signed by their parent or guardian permitting them to volunteer.


Docent Naturalists provide one of the most valuable and valued roles for the Conservancy and the public visiting Tejon Ranch. Docents plan and lead hikes, tours, special programs and other activities on the Ranch either independently or with Conservancy staff. They serve as both a natural history interpreter/instructor and safety monitor. Docents introduce the Tejon Ranch to new visitors, share the area with participants and educate those who wish to learn more about all the land has to offer and how to protect it.


Our Docent Naturalist volunteer positions require a serious commitment and a certain level of basic and advanced training. It can provide unaccompanied access to the Ranch, as well as the potential for wilderness experiences and potential overnight stays at Sebastian Camp. 

Citizen Scientists play an important role in conservation and provide an opportunity for focused and disciplined effort. The Conservancy has a multitude of volunteer opportunities in the field including collecting data, photo-documentation and even assisting with research. 


Being a Citizen Scientist may have a variety of time commitments and physical requirements. The Conservancy provides training to help build the skills needed for these volunteer activities including plant identification, wildlife tracking, GIS and GPS use, 4-wheel drive safety and much more. 


Stewardship and General Volunteers help with a variety of tasks. Some people either do not have the time or inclination to lead trips through the Ranch or to engage in field studies as a Citizen Scientist, and that’s OK! You can help advance the work of the Conservancy in many ways, including: 

  • Stewardship field projects such as pipe capping, removal of debris, litter and unused fencing, as well as invasive plant control (weeds)

  • Office assistance, social media 

  • Supporting membership events and activities 

  • Communications/newsletters

  • Video production 

  • Vehicle maintenance

Being a Stewardship and General Volunteer on the Ranch requires minimal training, varied commitment and yet provides rare access to the Ranch accompanied by knowledgeable Conservancy staff.   


Other Volunteer Opportunities The Tejon Ranch Conservancy has been fortunate to benefit from the time and effort of many individuals and businesses. Some examples include:   

  • Architectural services  

  • Legal Services 

  • Photographic services  

  • Teachers and instructors

  • Researchers

Make an offer and let’s discuss!


Volunteers are often seen as the face of the Conservancy and we ask that all volunteers protect the good will of the organization through courtesy, respect and consideration. 


By signing up for the Volunteer Program, each volunteer agrees to become a contributing part of the Conservancy Team, working toward long-term, sustainable stewardship of the Tejon Ranch Conservancy and the Ranch. 

As a representative of the Tejon Ranch Conservancy, volunteers are expected to: 

  • Follow Conservancy policies and procedures 

  • Maintain the highest standards of conduct and safety 

  • Educate participants through interpretation 

  • Encourage others to volunteer 

  • Not speak on behalf of the Conservancy or its staff or board of directors, policies, relationships or programs while acting in a volunteer capacity

  • Not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, politics, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification or marital status

  • Not smoke or use drugs on the Ranch or in Conservancy facilities and vehicles  

  • Behave as good role models when working with minors and possibly provide a SAFE Screening

The Conservancy reserves the right to dismiss any volunteer under any circumstances at any time. We appreciate your understanding of this policy. 

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