To this day, Tejon Ranch remains a landscape of discovery – with revelation occurring in a number of meaningful ways, regardless whether one is setting foot behind the gates for the first or 10th time.

First-time visitors to Tejon discover a vast biodiverse assemblage of ecosystems unlike any other in California. Seasoned naturalists returning to Tejon are anxious to revisit places or phenomena that sparked their interests on previous outings. All are excited to venture into new-to-them terrain, looking for a personally satisfying discovery. Because of its vast size and resources, no visitor has witnessed all that lies behind that Ranch gate.

Even the most time-tested field scientists know that discovery, perhaps in the form of a new county record or even a species new to science, is not out of the question on this immense, ecologically significant property.

With something for everyone, let the Conservancy help plan your visit to Tejon. A world of discovery awaits!


Be part of something big! With 240,000 acres under its care, the Tejon Ranch Conservancy helps oversee management of one of the largest, and perhaps most historic, working cattle ranches in California. But we are more than just acres: we are research, education and exploration – we are science and stewardship – and we are discovery.

The Conservancy was created as an independent nonprofit organization by the Tejon Ranch Conservation and Land Use Agreement, signed on June 17, 2008, by the Tejon Ranch Company.


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