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Please Note: Visitors are invited to attend our Public Access events to see and experience Tejon Ranch provisionally. Events may be subject to participant limits, social distancing, and other steps as needed. Please check our calendar regularly for upcoming events.


The Basics of Conservancy Events on Tejon Ranch:

  • Hikes and tours typically cost $25 per person. Photography and Specialty events pricing varies. Hikes on TNC's Randall Preserve are typically offered for free.

  • A minimum of five (5) participants are required per hike or tour. Special arrangements may be made in advance for private tours -- please contact Public Access Coordinator Reema Hammad for more details at

  • The Tejon Ranch Company requires a minimum of a 12-day notice for every Conservancy event on the Ranch. 

  • Hikes and tours that require close-proximity travel are limited to vaccinated individuals only. Proof of vaccination may be required. Hikes and tours that do not require close-proximity travel are open to everyone regardless of vaccination status.

  • Conservancy staff will provide a website to register for your event. Payment and contact information is required for all participants. The Tejon Ranch Company reviews participant lists for each event and reserves the right to deny access to any organization or individual. Non-registered guests will not be allowed onto the Ranch.

  • In advance of your event, you will receive information by email about the event meeting place and time, recommended preparation for your visit, and, occasionally, notices of cancellation (ex. due to poor weather conditions or safety concerns). 

  • Neither pets nor smoking are not allowed on the Ranch under any circumstances, per Tejon Ranch Company Policy.

Thank you for your understanding! 

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