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You can get involved in the Tejon Ranch Conservancy in many ways.


Visit and learn from the stunning diversity of this land. Tejon is home to nearly 1,000 native plant taxa, over 200 species of birds, a third of the state’s oaks, and extensive valley and desert grasslands. Its terrain ranges from dry Mojave Desert scrub and Joshua tree-studded canyons to rolling grasslands covered in wildflowers in wet years, from classic California chaparral to blue and valley oak woodlands, and from pinion pine and juniper woodlands, to high-elevation mixed black oak and white fir forests. Tours, hikes and other events are shown on the Events page. 


Help the Conservancy care for this environmental gem by becoming a volunteer. Opportunities for assisting the Conservancy vary from helping manage events, leading tours and participating in stewardship activities, to assisting with flora and fauna research. Learn more about volunteering by clicking below. 

Join the Conservancy as a member. Contributions support Conservancy programs including student outings, infrastructure improvement projects and public, as well as members-only, tours and events. Click below to join.

Events include hikes and driving tours.j


Include hikes and driving tours

Volunteers gather for some appreciation.


Members gather to experience Tejon Ranch

Volunteers perform many tasks.jpg


Help keep Tejon beautiful

When you get involved, you can:

Experience the diversity of this land richly steeped in Native American and western heritage, a place like no other in California. Tejon Ranch straddles the Tehachapi Mountains encompassing four ecologies and drawing species unique to each onto one expansive landscape. Tejon is home to more than two dozen plant communities, over 200 species of birds, a third of the state’s native oaks and extensive grasslands.  Its terrain ranges from snow-capped mountains to dry desert, rolling wildflower covered hills to rugged canyons, home to Joshua tree and conifer forests.

Explore new ideas for adapting to climate change, protecting vital habitats, learning sustainable agriculture and much more. The Tejon Ranch Conservancy brings together researchers and conservationists seeking understanding, discovery and answers. We offer school programs, guided hikes, bird-watching, naturalist training and other educational opportunities. Reaching underserved communities is important to the Conservancy to help foster an appreciation of wild places for all people.

Protect this environmental gem, an extraordinary collaboration among five of the nation’s leading conservation organizations. Audubon California, the Endangered Habitats League, Planning and Conservation League, Natural Resources Defense Council and the Sierra Club came together with the Tejon Ranch Company to create the Tejon Ranch Conservancy, one of the state’s largest land trusts, working to protect this remarkable place. This vast landscape of rugged mountains, steep canyons, oak-covered hills, broad valleys and expansive grasslands supports many at-risk species, including the endangered California condor, kit fox and blunt nosed leopard lizard. Restoration focuses in three areas: San Joaquin and Antelope Valley Grasslands, Oak Woodlands and Riparian/Wetlands. Working with research partners and citizen-scientists to protect intact habitat and wildlife corridors is vital to many species and part of a continent-wide effort.

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