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December 2018

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November 2018
Birding on Tejon by Louis Tucker
A Colorful Day at Via Arté
Tejon’s Not-So Silent Night

October 2018 
Researcher Showcase: Dr. Brandon Pratt and Dr. Anna Jacobsen 
Behind the Gates…Sketching with Artist in Residence Lisa Ann Mahony 
Tejon’s Funniest (and Wildest!) Home Videos 

September 2018
These Are Not the Rockies, so Why Are There Rocky Mountain Elk (Cervus canadensis nelson)?
Parting Words from Our Interns!
     Part One: Summer Reflections 
     Part Two: Me Gane La Loteria 
A Night to Remember Beneath the Stars (Perseid Meteor Shower) 
Ellery’s New Role (Conservation Science Director) 

August 2018 
Laura Pavliscak and the Long Game 
Happy Trails, Chuck! (Noble) 
Milkweeds, Beetles, and Butterflies: Oh, My! 
Video: Louis Agassiz Fuertes: A Vision of Wildlife Conservation and Art 


July 2018 
Ranch Round Up: Celebrating 10 years of conservation history
CNS: The California Ground Squirrel (Otospermophilus beecheyi), aka Beechey’s ground squirrel 
Welcome Mitchell Coleman, new biological technician 
Summer Intern Support: Jazmine Mejia Muñoz and Hannah Savage 
Video: Exclosures, Restorations and Transitions 


June 2018 
Moving Cows with Billy 
Education Programs Gets $20,000 Boost from the Virginia and Alfred Harrell Foundation) 
CNS: Baja Chorus Frog: A Famous Croak (Pseudacris hypochondriaca
Learning About the Ranch… from Space Using Drones 
Reaching Out  ̶  More Than Ever (Ben Teton becomes Conservation Communications Manager) 
Video: Tejon’s Marvelous Mammal Mommas 


May 2018
CNS: Great Horned Owl: Bubo virginianus 
Sponsor a Picnic Table 
Prop. 68 Serves All Californians 
It’s a Forb’s Life with Videos 


April 2018

Has Spring Sprung Yet? 
Condor Encounter 
Conservancy Day-Use Areas Up and Running. Let’s Picnic! 

CNS: The San Joaquin Kit Fox: A Most Endangered Species 
Video: Great Horned Owl on Tejon Ranch 


March 2018 

Mercy for the Menacing: Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation 

Wildflower Update 

The Life of the California Poppy 

Meet Diana Hurlbert, New Conservancy Board Member 

March Monarch Migration 

Video: Eagle Predation on Tejon Ranch 


February 2018 
Conservancy Stewardship Programming 
Epic Saltbush Study on Tejon Part of Master’s Journey 
Outdoor STEAM Activity: ‘Mini Bioblitz’ 
Mountain Lions of Tejon with Video 


January 2018
Conservancy Science Programming: What to Expect in 2018 
Appreciation for Retiring Board Member Gary Hunt 
How the Pronghorn Came Back to Tejon 
Look, Up in the Sky… 
Calling All Wildflower Volunteers! 
Welcome Peter Weiner 
Videos: Wildlife Monitoring at Chanac Creek

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