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Ecological Monitoring

Ecological Monitoring

Regular monitoring of ecological resources is a huge component of how the Conservancy manages the Ranch for conservation values. Resource monitoring takes the form of internal surveys, student projects, and various citizen-science focused projects. These projects include:

  • Riparian Vegetation Monitoring: annual monitoring of riparian resources in each of our habitat enhancement areas.

  • Rare Plants Surveys: combination of discovering new populations and documenting annual conditions by year of known stands

  • Bryophyte Sampling

  • RDM Monitoring

  • Invasive Plant Mapping

  • Oak and Acorn Surveys

  • Burrowing Owl Surveys

  • Christmas Bird Count

  • Etymological Surveys

  • Herpetological Surveys

  • Pronghorn Surveys

  • Purple Martin Surveys

  • Watershed Monitoring

  • Wildlife Camera Trapping: The Conservancy maintain an array of wildlife cameras to better understand the movements, condition, and behavior of wildlife on the Ranch. Check out the “Wildlife Wednesday” video playlist for more information.

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