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The Tejon Ranch Conservancy oversees the conservation planning, protection and management of the 240,000 acres of conserved Tejon Ranch lands.  

The extraordinary biological complexity of Tejon Ranch is framed by over 150 years of land management. The Ranch is a working landscape – cattle ranching, hunting, agriculture, and oil and gas extraction are a few of the ongoing operations on the property. In 2013 the Conservancy and the Tejon Ranch Company formalized a Ranch-wide Management Plan (RWMP). It is a blueprint for the shared conservation management of the property, including Best Management Practices (BMPs) guidelines for existing Company operations and Conservation Activities, to advance Conservancy conservation goals, now and in the future. 

Monitoring the Ranch’s conserved lands and conservation easements for compliance with conservation guidelines is a core part of the Conservancy’s responsibility as land stewards on Tejon. The staff also works collaboratively with the Company and its lessees to promote sustainable cattle grazing, treat invasive species, and modify or create infrastructure to enhance conservation values, including habitat quality and ecological function. 


The Conservancy’s Science Program focuses on uncovering the ecological intricacies of the Ranch. Understanding the Ranch’s many natural resources aids in their sustainable management. 


The Conservancy is committed to implementing sustainable conservation strategies that complement this working landscape. Scientific understanding informs and guides conservation and stewardship efforts.


The Conservancy’s Public Access Program provides access opportunities for visitors from nascent birders to seasoned naturalists. There is something for everyone on Tejon – let the Conservancy assist with developing an outing that meets your needs.


The Conservancy’s Education Program provides field experiences to high-school and college faculty, and their students. A variety of programs, from Conservancy-developed and led field trips, to customized projects developed and run by faculty and supported by Conservancy staff. We also offer a Remote Learning program based on John Muir Laws’ nature journaling curriculum and NGSS Cross-Cutting Concepts. The Conservancy is passionate about teaching students the importance of being stewards of the natural world.

Be part of something big! With 240,000 acres under its care, the Tejon Ranch Conservancy helps oversee management of one of the largest, and perhaps most historic, working cattle ranches in California. But we are more than just acres: we are research, education and exploration – we are science and stewardship – and we are discovery.

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