NGSS Careers in Science

In this section, we interview various science professionals so students can become familiar with the wide variety of science-related professions.

Jazmine Mejia-Munoz, MS, Research, Education, and Outreach Associate for The California Marine Sanctuary Foundation

Jazmine Mejia-Munoz talks about her educational experiences that go beyond the classroom, including many interesting internships. She offers excellent advice, including “It’s not who you know, but who knows you!”

Mitchell Coleman, Conservation Science Manager
at Tejon Ranch Conservancy

Mitchell Coleman talks about his career path.

Scott Biering, Ph.D., Virologist and Post Doctoral Scholar at UC Berkeley

Scott Biering Ph.D. A virologist at UC Berkeley talks about his career path and the Corona Virus.

Scott Biering’s Corona Virus/Covid-19 presentation

Scott Biering’s Corona Virus/Covid-19 presentation

Sean Jenvay MD, Resident Physician at UC San Francisco

Dr. Sean Jenvay, a Resident Physician in Psychiatry talks about his educational and career paths that have led to this point and the next steps in his career.

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