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Winter/Spring 2022

On The Ranch: Colleagues Chat

Tejon Ranch Is Key to Habitat Connectivity

Panofsky-Wilson Preserve Update

Meet our newest board member

Why do wildflowers grow where they do?

Long-tailed Weasel: Ten Years, Two Sightings


The infectious parlance of cow country

Spring/Summer 2022

On The Ranch: Welcome to Our New Executive Director

Scientific Inquiry through nature journaling

Meet our newest board member Reed Tollefson

Scouts BSA Continues Panofsky-Wilson Preserve Stewardship

Introducing Andrea Geisendorf

Upcoming Events

Summer/Fall 2022

On The Ranch: Observations from A New Executive Director

Exploration and Excitement: Summer Interns Experience Tejon Up Close

Join us on Tejon Ranch and Beyond This Fall

Science, Stewardship, and Nature Journaling: A Personal Account

Return of A Special Visitor

Mule Deer and Rocky Mountain Elk at Tejon Ranch: What's The Difference?

Fall/Winter 2022

On The Ranch: Observations from Our Executive Director

Moments of Wonder: A Biological Year in Review

Enjoy Tejon and the Tehachapis with us

Nature Journaling Over Time: Part Two

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