December 2019

On The Ranch: What a Year!
My Tejon Ranch Tour: Things That Make You Go, 'Wow!'
Volunteers Speak Out: And the Conservancy Staff Listens
Video: A Short Tail in Winter

November 2019

On The Ranch: Thank You for Who You Are to Us
Gratitude: Thoughts from Staff and Volunteers
Video: Just Another Day to Be Thankful

October 2019

On The Ranch: Back to School
Welcome, Autumn! (The change of seasons can be felt, seen, heard, and smelled on Tejon.)
A Wake-Up Call (Loss of North American Birds)
October Events on Tejon
Video: Look Who's New!

September 2019

On The Ranch: Ellery Mayence's Farewell
Small, Green, and Obscure: A Sampling of Bryophytes on Tejon Ranch
Summer Events on Tejon
Our New Location
Video: Splish, Splash

August 2019

On The Ranch: What I've Seen From My Office Window

Reflections on the American Hiking Society's Volunteer Vacation
Recapping the 2019 Breeding Bird Blitz
Video: Wild Turkeys at El Paso Creek

July 2019

On The Ranch: Docents and Volunteers Have Best Qualities of Good Friends
Farewell, Spring, Hello, Summer! (How plants and animals survive summer)
Meet Our Summer Interns!
Video: A Long, Cool Drink of Water


June 2019

An All-Wildflower Edition

May 2019

A Quarry of Color: The Conservancy Members’ Picnic
The Number That Made It Happen: 81 (Meeting the Education Challenge Grant)
A Large Noisy Fluff Ball
Video: Bathing in Public
Public Notice: Applying for Land Trust Alliance Re-accreditation

April 2019

The Power of Focus: Science Journaling Workshop for Educators
Crunchtime: Closing in on the Goal
Video: Coyotes at Play
Public Notice: LTA Re-accrediation comments welcome


March 2019

Wildflowers: Fizzle or Fantastic?
A Second Chance for Students (Education Challenge)
Video: Black Bear Versus Wildlife Camera


February 2019

On The Ranch: Bob Reid’s Farewell
Wildflower Update
The Match Is On!
Saying Farewell
           Conservation Communications Manager Ben Teton
           Public Access/Education Manager Chris Fabbro
A Wee Visit (birding in Scotland)
Awe (filing gift letters)
Video: I Am Tejon


January 2019
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